Veranda with curved wall

Veranda with curved wall and vertical garden

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Vertical garden

Vertical garden: learn how to do it and the best species to grow

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Floral ceiling

Floral ceiling: environments with beautiful and delicate ideas

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water fountains in gardens

Tips on how to use water fountains in gardens: make the space fresh and cozy

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pansy flower

See how to plant the pansy flower and the care to grow beautiful

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Flowers that like shade

Flowers that like shade; species ideal for decorating interiors

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Succulent arrangements

Succulent arrangements; how to make, care for and use them in decoration

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Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber: know the advantages of garden furniture made of this material

Synthetic fiber garden furniture has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, with many reasons to back up this claim. Read more »
zen garden

DIY: how to make a mini zen garden and inspirations

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watering the plants too much

How do I know if I’m watering the plants too much?

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